Capitol Writing Club Explores the World Through Books

The Capitol Writing Club is an enrichment program for girls by girls! Their motto is “I AM GOING TO COLLEGE! OR ELSE!” This group is made up of five 7th graders, who in 4th grade, asked their teacher Mrs. San Marchi for extra reading projects after school. They employed the help of Ginger Perry, who volunteers twice a week to create meaningful adventurous lessons based on specially selected books. The girls enjoy books based in other countries.

 “This club has shown me the world. I don’t travel but I can visit places.” – Maria

All of the girls perform above grade level for reading and strengthening their writing and vocabulary skills.

On top of the academic enrichment, these young women are a part of a hybrid Girl Scout troop and have “pencil pals.” Girl Scouts allow the girls adventures around the state to the Grand Canyon, Montezuma’s Castle, Flagstaff, and countless more. Pencil pals are adult mentors. One is assigned to each student. Each is a specially selected woman well-respected in her field of work. The pals also join the students in their travels.

Capitol Writing Club Members